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Tips for Moving Houses Like a Pro


Many people dread moving. Just the thought of doing all that packing can be enough to send you screaming from your room. It doesn’t have to be so hard, however. Reputable long distance moving companies like Colonial Van Lines can do it with machine-like efficiency. You can take a few lessons from them. Here are some tips for preparing for your move like a pro.

Make an Inventory

Moving companies will do a walkthrough of your house room by room to make a quote. This helps them make an estimate of the total weight of your household goods. Do the same thing. Go to each room and make an inventory list. This will help you estimate the number of boxes, packing materials, and tape you’ll need to pack up everything. It will also help you decide what you should sell, store, or donate.

Pack by Room

Buy your packing supplies and put what you need in each room. Assign family members to pack up their own bedrooms. Instruct them to label all boxes clearly to make them easier to identify. Have a toolbox handy to dismantle anything when needed. Wrap mattresses in cling film to keep them from getting dirty. You can still use them until moving day. Have one box each in the hall for things they want to sell, store, or donate. After the bedrooms, tackle the common rooms one at a time. You should leave the kitchen for last, as you’ll need it the longest.

Keep Children Away

Make sure young children and pets are not around to get underfoot on moving day. Arrange for neighbors or family to watch over them while the movers do their work. It can be dangerous for them to be there. Once the movers have loaded everything, go over the entire house one last time to make sure they got everything. If you leased the house, take photos to preserve the state of the property when you left.

Thinking like a pro can make your move less stressful. Long distance moving companies can teach you a thing or two. These tips should help as well.