automated moving floor system

Top Three Benefits of Automatic Loading Systems

Direct Service

In the ultra-competitive world of logistics operations, being able to deliver more merchandise faster and more efficiently means more business. You can achieve this in your warehouse too by upgrading your use of a fleet of forklift trucks to a more structured delivery process. This includes the use of automatic loading and unloading docks, conveyors, skates, and rollertrack systems. Joloda lists the top reasons you should upgrade your warehouse operations soon.

Bigger Load Capacity

Automatic loading systems are designed to carry tons of merchandises in a continuous process. This greatly cuts the number of hours transporting the same amount of merchandise back and forth using the traditional forklift trucks. Also, the speed of transporting merchandises is greatly reduced by as much as 90% if automatic loading docks are used.

Lower Operational Expenses

The operational and maintenance costs of having a forklift fleet are high. And as years go by, the value of each forklift truck depreciate even in the second-hand market. In comparison, consider the installation of automatic loading systems that will translate into a big chunk of return on investment due to their low maintenance and operational expenses.

More Savings

Did you know that automatic loading systems have a considerably longer lifespan compared to forklift trucks? Ultimately, this will add to your company’s savings. Moreover, you can now realign the budget you used to allocate for the workers who operate your forklift fleet to other important matters, such as the acquisition of adjacent lands to expand your operations.

These are just some of the operational and financial results you can expect to see should you ditch your forklift fleet and decide to install automatic loading systems. With faster and more efficient logistics operations, more opportunities will be knocking at your door sooner than you expect.