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Top Video Marketing Trends of 2014

Straight Market

Visitors and consumers respond better to content that uses more than one sense. When they’re reading a blog, they’re just using sight. When they’re watching a video, they’re utilizing sound, sight, and hearing. With video marketing production services, your viewers are more likely to experience a better connection with your brand than they would with blogs.

In 2014, you’ll face several changes that will create new opportunities when it comes to producing videos. Here are some of the biggest trends in video marketing come 2014:

New Platforms = New Possibilities

Online video is about more than displaying content online. It’s about optimizing your content. You can modify the viewing experience to be above your competition. Marketers now can brand video players to match a site’s look and feel, and configure these to interact with other elements on a page. They can also leverage calls to action during or after a video.

Highlight Your Brand’s Uniqueness

The search industry leaders are highlighting the advantages of video creation and SEO within tailored campaigns to harness the power of social media. Videos are starting to appear in organic search results. A video relevant to a query offers a completely different kind of content, providing it’s properly optimized with tags and full descriptions. Combining it with a bespoke SEO campaign can see your sales increasing and your message spreading to the right audience.

Entice Viewers through Inclusive and Personal Content

People won’t read the content you post on YouTube if it isn’t engaging, inclusive, and personal. No matter how researched your link building strategies are in your campaign, if your presence is boring and unimaginative then your posts will work against you. You can’t afford to start on the wrong foot with your online video production campaign by not responding to your client base when they contact you.

There are 72 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute. This excludes other video hosting platforms. Now, ask yourself: Are your customers using video to connect with the products they use? If yes, take a quantitative and qualitative look at video marketing. You might be missing a great opportunity to connect to your target market.