Tractor Care Tips Every Farmer Needs to Know

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Farming tractorAs soon as you make up your mind to venture into agriculture, one of the things you need to take seriously is the type and state of the equipment you use. That’s because your farm’s productivity directly depends on it. A tractor is, of course, a must-have in modern-day agriculture. If you’ve already invested in one, here are tips to take good care of it.

Repair or replace broken parts ASAP

One of the best things about tractors is that they are designed to be more rugged as compared to ordinary vehicles. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t experience wear and tear with time. As soon as you notice a problem with a particular part of the tractor, repair or replace it promptly, so the problem doesn’t worsen. The good news is that you can find just about anything, from engine parts to LED tractor lights for sale easily online, says Tow Mart.

Drive the tractor carefully

Ultimately, how you handle the tractor while out on the farm will determine whether it stays safe or not. Avoid hitting rocks and tree stumps if you can. Make sure that you apply a handbrake every time you stop the tractor. Always drive the tractor at the appropriate speed too, and be especially careful around blind spots.

Keep the tractor clean

After a day out in the dirt and mud, be sure to clean your tractor thoroughly. This helps prevent dirt for getting into your engine. Additionally, cleaning your tractor will help you easily identify any loose nuts, oil leaks, or other faults. Be sure to use the right cleaning products such as paraffin to remove grease, warm water to remove battery acid, and mild soapy water to take care of the dirt and grime.

How you take care of your tractor will determine how long you get to keep it operational. A few hours of maintenance every month can go a long way in adding productive life to this important investment.