Understanding Fasteners for Builders, Sub-Contractors and Landscapers

Straight Study

BoltsGetting the right tools for every job is among the essential basics you have to master in every construction set up. The right tools will not only ease the process of delivering a quality job but are also critical for the safety of workers at the workplace.

Some of these essential elements in the building and construction industry include fasteners, as well as hardware and site products such as concrete retarders.

Here is a closer look at fasteners – hardware that creates a union between two objects – some of which find everyday use by builders, construction workers, sub-contractors and landscapers.


Bolts resemble nails except that they have a threaded shaft to which you attach the nuts. However, when choosing your bolts, explain to your construction products supplier how visible or decorative should be the bolt heads.


These fasteners have female threading in which you screw bolts. Nuts come in different shapes, sizes and designs depending on the type of application and the bolts you are using.


Rivets contain a pan and round head and a tail. These fasteners are useful when you need to create a permanent bond between two metals.

Mobile vs Permanent Fasteners

Mobile fasteners create temporary joints between two metal parts. You can, therefore, change these fasteners anytime without damaging the union. Some examples of these mobile fasteners include screws, nuts, and bolts.

On the other hand, when creating durable joints, use permanent fasteners. Removing or changing them compromises the stability of the entire structure. Your application will determine the most appropriate type of fastener to employ. Mobile fasteners are a good choice if you will be adjusting your structure frequently.

However, if you do not need to interfere with your structure, permanent fasteners are the right ones to use.

Using the right tools and following the rules of usage in the construction industry creates the right structures with ease. Also, you will avoid accidents in the workplace, thereby minimising injuries and saving lives.

That is to mean you prioritise getting your construction products, including concrete retarders and other site products, from a reliable supplier to ensure you deliver stable structures.