Understanding the Different Pallet Rack Storage Systems

Direct Service

warehouse storageProper storage is crucial for any forward moving company. How well a business is able to store its products before dispatch determines how efficient the whole process is. Proper storage not only makes work easy for workers but also enhances the convenience of the entire process making it easy to serve customers satisfactorily.

There are different storage techniques that companies have explored over time. However, if you want to make the most of pallet racking systems then you have to ensure that understand it before making any purchases and installations. The cost of initial investment may necessitate your understanding of the process first.

Push-Back Racks

These refer to an effective storage tracking system that offers an ideal way to optimally use your warehouse without necessarily increasing product handling period or slowing the product rotation. With such a pallet system installed a warehouse is able to better manage its products by storing more and still manage to retain more pick faces compared to other systems like the drive-in system. Comparatively, this system offers 90% more storage.

Drive-In Pallet Racking System

Ideal for distribution centres and warehouses that require high-density pallets and products storage remedies with cost effectiveness being a priority. This system is preferred for storage of bulk and large quantities of products that are not time sensitive. Access aisles are rarely needed thus allowing users to maximise the space available to them.

Pallet Flow Rack System

This is a dynamic storage system that works for warehouses that want to handle products efficiently. It is a first in first out system that is also known as gravity flow. It maximises actual available storage space by reducing the number of aisles needed hence allowing for dense storage with the ability of one lane holding up to 20 pallets deep. This makes it easy for an efficient and fast turnover when doing inventories.

There are different pallet racking systems to select from. The secret is learning the pros and cons of each system and deciding what works for you based on your storage needs. You go for, efficient storage will be beneficial for the overall effectiveness of the company.