Ways to Create More Space in your Home

Straight Sell

Sliding DoorWhether you have a bungalow type home or a two-story house, there are simple ways to create a bigger living space without spending a lot of money on renovation.

Here are four great suggestions:

Upgrade your doors

Pocket sliding-type doors are great options for your next-door upgrade. Conventional doors take up much space, but sliding doors virtually do not need extra space for opening and closing. So you do not need to worry about bumping someone on the head. They are also very trendy and easy to maintain.

Build smart storage spaces

Visible storage in your home can make any space look cluttered and out of order. While many homes dedicate a room for storage, it is better to store supplies for easy access. For instance, you can store rolls of tissue, blankets, soaps and other bathroom needs in the same room.

All you need to is create smart storage spaces that keep them out of sight until you are ready to use them.

Create an open layout for your homes

Conventional houses have walls that separate the living area from the kitchen and the dining room. Modern homes maximise the space by getting rid of the dividers and making an open layout work.

This works well with many modern homebuyers because they keep an eye on their kids in the living area while cooking in the kitchen.

Build a livable patio

A patio or a porch can extend your living area. Create a great space to chill hangout so you can maximise the outdoors without leaving your home. It is also a great entertainment space for guests. Make it livable by adding some outdoor furniture that can double as your second living area.

These simple suggestions can make you feel like you have a bigger space without having to remodel or add a new wing to your home. Consider these tips if you are tired of feeling claustrophobic in your own home.