The Weight is Over: 3 Post-Pregnancy Body Changes No One Tells You About

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Bringing your baby home, seeing his first smile, and hearing his first coo — there are so much things to look forward to when you find out you’re pregnant. You know that your life is going to change. And so will your body.

stretch marksFrom enlarged feet to a bulging tummy, here are some of the major body changes you’ll experience:

Belly Bulge and Stretch Marks

You give birth, you lose your belly. Right?Wrong. Don’t pack your pre-pregnancy jeans for the hospital — you won’t fit in them after giving birth anyway. Most women have high hopes of getting their shape back as soon as they’ve delivered their newborn.

The sad reality is that you will still look pregnant for months. It actually takes about 6 to 8 weeks before your belly will return to normal, but the stretch marks and sagging skin you developed are not going anywhere in the near future — unless you get a tummy tuck procedure to get it as flat as it once was.

Sagging, Smaller, Harder Breasts

What goes up, unfortunately, must come down. After giving birth, you probably expect that your breasts will be bigger than ever. After you stop breastfeeding, it will look smaller and especially saggy. You will drop a cup size, and it won’t be over yet — because the more children you have, the more your breasts will tend to sag and get smaller.

You may also experience milk leaks for a few weeks. Your breasts will become swollen, sore, and engorged with milk for a few days. They will be as hard as rocks.

Enlarged Feet

Your feet will look like boats. That’s a fact. Most women, during pregnancy, gain between 25 to 35 pounds. That extra weight puts the feet under pressure, making it look bigger. Also, the uterus squeezes blood into the body, and you have probably received IV fluids during your labor. That blood and liquid would all go down to your feet.

Fortunately, the swelling would most likely go down within a week. It’s a great excuse to go shoe shopping, too.
Giving birth is not a magical time machine that would instantly make you return to your pre-baby life—or body. If you want to get your old body back, you have to do something about it.