Woman experiencing back pain

What Are The Benefits Of Anti-Fatigue Mats?

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Woman experiencing back painStanding for an extended period causes sore feet, tiredness, and lower back pain. It could also lead to serious health problems that could negatively impact your bone structure.

In fact, a study by Loughborough University professors suggests that people start to show symptoms of extreme fatigue after 90 minutes of continuous standing. The solution to this problem is to sit or to move around from time to time.

However, not everyone has this luxury. Workers in the manufacturing industry need to stand for most of their shift. For them, the next best solution is to install high-quality anti-fatigue mats to decrease their discomfort.

Here are some of the benefits of these mats:

Prevents Workers from Falling and Slipping

Shoes have a better grip on mats than on tiles or concrete flooring, so there is less chance of slipping. And if someone does fall, the thick cushioning of the mat can break the fall and prevent serious injuries.

Relieves the Body of Stress and Pressure

Due to the flexibility of anti-fatigue floor matting, the body experiences less stress. There is also less pressure exerted on the spine, feet, and the lower limbs, resulting in less body pain.

Encourages Good Blood Circulation

The added support allows the body to relax more, which encourages better posture. When there is less stress exerted on the muscles and joints, there’s better blood circulation.

Improves Productivity

Studies have shown that people lose their concentration after only 50 minutes of standing on concrete floors. This is mostly because they start to feel a tension in their joints and muscles. When workers cannot concentrate, they are less productive.

The added support and comfort of anti-fatigue floor matting can help workers feel more relaxed even while standing. Workers who are comfortable in their work environment produce better work than those who are constantly miserably tired.

These advantages should be enough to convince you to invest in anti-fatigue floor mats. It’s not just your employees who benefit, but your company as well. After all, healthy and happy employees produce better results.