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When Nature Calls: Building Public Restrooms

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Providing a public toilet is one way to give value to the people in your building. A public bathroom promotes good health and convenience for everybody. Any San Diego-based plumber will say that there are many considerations in building and maintaining a functional restroom. You can even add music to enhance the experience and increase the level of privacy of users.

If you’re operating in the San Diego area, here are a few things you should know:

A Restroom for All

Apart from building a standard restroom for everybody, have a place dedicated to people with disabilities and children. This is a requirement set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on all businesses with public restrooms. The law lists down a set of guidelines designed to meet the varying needs of people of all walks of life.

Working with the trusted names in handicap plumbing and commercial restroom fixtures such as Perry Plumbing Company, Sloan, Bradley, and Kohler is the key to find the right solutions for your needs. While adhering to the ADA requirements should be at the top of your mind, the law allows you to choose designs and technologies outside the guidelines. This is as long as you can deliver the same benefits to users.


Running out of tissue is the nightmare of all public bathroom users. The lack of supply of any of your restroom appliances means inconvenience. It’s your responsibility to make sure there’s an adequate amount of liquid soap in the dispenser, clean hand towels, and rolls of tissue. Always have a staff available on site to attend to the user’s needs quickly.

Proper Plumbing

The functionality of your public restroom relies solely on the plumbing system. From toilets, faucets, to sinks, everything should be working to make the facility a safe and a trouble-free environment. Have an established plumbing company to take care of your installation and on-call plumbers in San Diego who can perform repairs immediately. This will let you make sure your system works fine at all times.

Almost every modern building has public bathrooms today, but not all can meet the needs of all types of users. Only by working with the right people can you have the perfect plumbing system and user-friendly restroom facilities for everyone.