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Where Your Heart Is: Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Straight Study

The home is meant to be a place of comfort. It’s where you relax after a long, hard day’s work, where you feel safe, and where you can just lie down and avoid the stresses of work even for just a while. Most of the time, however, the living room, bedroom, and other areas don’t give you that cosy and homey feel.

Homeowners in Perth (and across the country, for that matter) tend to overdecorate their households, resulting in too much clutter. The thing is, houses are not just for looking at; they’re for living in. Your home, for example, can only be a truly cosy one if it meets your needs and is inviting. Whether it’s the house painting for your Perth home, the furniture, and the overall arrangement of things, your goal should be to create a functional and comfortable room.

Here are a few ideas for achieving a look that says “Come in and stay awhile.”

Introduce Warm Tones

Every colour has a mood. Cooler colours make a room feel larger and airier, while warm tones make the space feel smaller and cosier. When doing the painting for your Perth home, introduce shades of red and other soft, warm hues to give it soul. Using these colours is like the lipstick on a woman’s face; it’s a statement, but one that complements all the other colours.

Don’t Take Decor Too Seriously

The most comfortable homes feel inviting all throughout. This means you do not have to fill the room with a lot of decorations, as this can just end up as clutter. One of the easiest ways to make a space feel warmer is by incorporating a sense of humour. Mosey through your home and add whimsical touches to it. This can be anything from a bouquet of paper roses, bowls filled with games pieces, and steps and pathways lined with vintage yardsticks.

Dress in Layers

A well-worn leather sofa often feels cold, but simply throwing loads of comfy pillows on top can already invite you to lounge there all day. Soft and down-filled pillows on your chairs, couches, and even benches can instantly turn it into a place of comfort where you can easily cosy up anytime.

Mess equals stress in many homes. Get rid of the clutter, tweak it up a bit, and think of your own comfort to make your living room and any other place in your house cosier for a true home sweet home.