Which Type of Mechanical Separation Is Right for Your Water Treatment Plant?

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Large Water Treatment FacilityWhen deciding which type of mechanical separation or settling technology to use for your water treatment facility, you just can’t help but be confused. Clarifiers and thickeners are nearly the same, anyway, but only if you look at them from the outside. There are subtle differences.

Having a firm grasp on the differences between the two can help a lot. You’ll understand why it’s better to use a circular clarifier instead of a thickener. No matter how you put it, there are other factors to consider when choosing the right type of mechanical separation.

Here are two of them:

What will it be used for?

First, you have to consider its purpose. You should get equipment that would be suitable for the type of industry you are in. Both thickeners and clarifiers are used for wastewater management.

Thickeners are often used where water is expensive to use or there is a shortage in water supply. It provides a way to send processed water back to your plant for reuse. Clarifiers, on the other hand, are commonly used in wastewater and water treatment plants for the elimination of impurities, microbes, chemicals, minerals, and solids.

Simply put, your choice will depend on your industry and needs. In addition, clarifiers and thickeners are used in the production of iron ore, copper, and coal, as well as in the uranium and paper industries.

What is the size of your plant?

You also have to consider the size of your facility. Whether you have a large-scale operation or a small to medium-sized utility, both clarifiers and thickeners can do the job.

In the case of clarifiers, the parallel plate type can’t be used for small to medium-sized operations. Choose only a well-designed, high-quality circular clarifier if you have a large water treatment plant.

Understanding the difference between thickeners and clarifiers can help you decide which one to use for your plant. Go get the right product from a reputable manufacturer or supplier.