WHO Reports A Progress In Saving Mothers’ Lives

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Global maternal deaths have declined sharply since 1990, according to new figures released by the World Health Organization.

Maternal mortality rates

The number of maternal deaths had dropped to 289,000, when an estimated 523,000 women died during childbirth or pregnancy.

Data shows a 45% decline, but even this marks a big step forward, WHO says the figure is still too high.

According to Marleen Temmerman, the director of reproductive health and research at WHO, there is still more research needed.

“It’s difficult to say how many deaths are really related to increasing age, but what we know is older age in pregnant women is contributing more to the risk for diabetes and more hypertension related problems,” she said during a news conference.

Global trend

The WHO emphasizes that the dangers of childbearing are still felt in the developing world.

Women in sub-Saharan Africa are still by far the most likely to experience risk of dying during pregnancy.

This clearly shows the wide gap between poor and rich countries, highlighting the need for more funds in pregnancy care.