Why Many Restaurants Prefer Stainless Steel for their Sinks

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Stainless steel kitchen sink

Stainless steel kitchen sinks have numerous advantages over traditional kitchen sinks that are made of porcelain or ceramic which is why almost all, if not all, restaurants prefer to have them installed in their kitchens.

Visit the kitchen of just about any restaurant and you would immediately notice most of the fixtures they have, from kitchen sinks to cabinets are made of stainless steel. In fact, it is perhaps safe to assume that all restaurants, even the ones that are on cruise ships, all use stainless steel sinks. So what makes stainless steel the material of choice when it comes to kitchen sinks and other features?

They effortlessly complement the look of their surroundings

Perhaps one of the reasons restaurants prefer stainless steel kitchen sinks is they easily blend in with the surrounding aesthetics, and at times even improve its look. As opposed to other materials, stainless steel has a timeless look and feel that makes it much suitable to any kitchen design, whether modern, contemporary or futuristic.

They can be custom built

Another great quality of stainless steel kitchen sinks is they can be custom-built. There are lots of metalwork companies, such as Wasatch Steel, which offers sheet steel for sale online then able to transform them into functional implements. Having your stainless steel kitchen sink or cabinets custom-built to complement the shape and size of your kitchen is the best alternative to building around commercially-available standard-size fixtures.

They are durable

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are much durable compared to other materials like porcelain or ceramic sinks. According to JustSinks.com, stainless steel sinks never suffer from chips like porcelain or ceramic sinks. Unless you allow tinted water or substance to stay on its surface for the longest time without wiping them off, it does not easily suffer from stains. With ceramic or porcelain sinks, stains can appear over time no matter how frequent you wipe them off.

They are easy to clean

Just run a damp cloth over its surface and you will immediately be rewarded with a gleaming shine. ThisOldHouse.com agrees that it’s easy to clean a stainless kitchen sink. With ceramic or porcelain sinks, you sometimes need soap or chemical cleansers to clean them.

There are many other reasons restaurants prefer stainless steel kitchen sinks over any other materials. These are four of the major reasons. So if you are planning to build a restaurant, or you simply want a new kitchen sink for your home, you should consider getting one made of stainless steel. Better yet, have it custom-built so it would perfectly fit your kitchen.