Winding Down: Choosing a Retirement Lifestyle

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hands of an old manThe best thing about retirement is really just the sense of freedom from it all. No boss to follow, no work to finish, and no deadlines to meet – no pressures. Retirement is all about winding down and taking in all that you’ve accomplished in the decades that have passed.

Many also look at retirement as an opportunity to learn new skills, seek different challenges, take up studies, or help others. For some, it’s a chance to travel and discover new places, meet new friends, and experience different things. If you still haven’t figured out what you want to do as a retiree, it will be helpful to plan as early as now.

It’s Your Decision

You can stay with (or close to) family or move into an independent living community. You can indulge in doings things you never had time for, whether it’s a hobby or simple activities. Learn new skills, enroll in a special class, volunteer and take an active role in the community, or simply relax all day, every day —it’s your decision.

An Active Mind and Body

Many retirees enjoy spending their time learning new skills and engaging in physical activities. Keeping your mind and body active keeps you fit and healthy. If you’re interested in formal learning opportunities, you can enroll in schools offering adult community education or open learning programs. You can also join the gym in your chosen senior independent living home.

A Sense of Purpose

Using your time in a meaningful way will help you adapt to the changes that come with retirement. This will help you replace the sense of purpose you may have lost when you leave the workforce. If you’re one of the many who feel that spending time involved in nothing but recreational activities isn’t as satisfying as it seems, look for an activity with a sense of purpose. Spend your time doing volunteer or community work, or simply provide care for your family as long as you can. If you’re interested in the former, determine how much time you can give and look for those organizations that appeal most to you.

By determining your retirement lifestyle early, you can make the most of the longest vacation of your life.