Wondering Wanderlust: Exploring a New City

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car rentalExploring a new city is much like pressing your computer keyboard’s F5 button (a shortcut for Refresh, in case you don’t know) or pushing your smartphone’s ‘Restore Default Settings’ switch. The moment you get out of the terminal, you will realise that many things are different from home. This is especially true if you’re crossing continents. What’s good about this newness is that it can help ‘F5’ your perspective. And that can make you a better person when you get back home.

Going around a big city like Perth or New York, however, is not always a picture of excitement and adventures. It can make you anxious, especially if you realise you’re dealing with the unknown. If you’re a wanderlust who’s been through these problems, refer to the tips below to make the most of your trip.

Learn the Local Language

In some destinations, language can be a barrier. Not everyone knows how to speak English, and you will be compelled to communicate with signs or grunts. Learn the basic expressions if you’re travelling in places where English is not the primary language. If you know the equivalent of ‘What’s your name?’, ‘How much?’ or ‘Where is this?’ in the foreign language, you’ll certainly go far.

Rent a Car

This advice may be counterintuitive, as you will need to shell out some money. But this works, especially if you plan to travel outside of the city you’re currently based in. Moreover, companies that offer car rental in Perth usually share some travel tips and point you to the shortcuts.

Maximise Public Transport

If you don’t like the idea of driving on your own, get on board the train or the bus. Public transportations usually stop at points of interest, and taking them helps you save time. You can head directly to the key spots you want to visit instead of consulting the map every now and then.

Visit the Local Market

To learn more about the city, you need to know its people. Instead of going to the areas popular among the tourists, why not visit the local market or the places frequented by the locals? You’ll learn more about the city’s culture by seeing what a regular day is like in the life of a denizen.

There are other things you can try if you want to learn more about the city you’re visiting. You can turn on the TV and tune in to the local channel. You can visit the library, wander around wirelessly or strike a conversation with someone on the train.